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From Playstation classics like Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Cross to Nintendo 64 greats like Zelda Ocarina of Time and Donkey Kong country.
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The most popular games on this console were: Donkey Kong 64, Mario Bros. The Phantom Menace, and Star Wars: Episode I Pod Racer. This free N64 emulator has become the best one available for Android.


OpenEmu N64 emulator for OS X

Download from Google play. A very good, but no longer supported Nintendo 64 emulator for Android. Download the N64oid N64 Emulator for Android. This is the best N64 emulator out there for iPhones and other iOS devices. Download the n64iphone Nintendo 64 Emulator. Download the Mupen64 Plus Nintendo 64 Emulator.

The original Mupen64 emulator.

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Download the Mupen64 Nintendo 64 Emulator. An older emulator, but it still has decent ROM compatibility. Download the Fake64 Nintendo 64 Emulator.

Ocarina of Time - 20 Legendary Years - Definitive HD Texture Pack, settings and more

Download the TrueReality Nintendo 64 Emulator. A very nice N64 emulator for the Macintosh OS. The SNES was the primary system of my early teenage years. I first saw one in an electrical appliance store whilst I was waiting for my mother to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Nintendo 64 Emulators for iOS

It was in a pod running Super Mario World , and Christmas was only a couple of months away. The rest is history.

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I much prefer the colours. When I did get some time at home, I was window-shopping and decided to just buy one on a whim. I got the Super Mario 64 pack, and also picked up Ocarina of Time. Playing Ocarina over the next week is one of my most cherished gaming memories.

Did you know that they remastered it for the 3DS? The N64 controller looked a lot like a spaceship, and you almost always held it with your right hand on the rightmost prong, and your left hand on the middle prong, to use the analog joystick.

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The stick sometimes felt a little bit high, but it was precise, pleasantly springy, and a bit of a revelation at the time. You can connect this gargantuan joypad to your Mac using the N64 Controller Adapter , which gives you two N64 ports. To play the games, you can use OpenEmu , but for certain games you might also want to have the rather fantastic Sixtyforce on hand.

I did get a Gamecube on launch day, and thankfully it was purple my favourite colour by default. I think I lost about three weeks of my life playing Rogue Leader over and over.

Nintendo 64 & Playstation Emulators for Mac OS X: OpenEmu

I can testify that it readily survives repeated collisions with walls, but is susceptible to teeth-marks when chewed with rage. It is also not a sex toy, despite the awful name. To play Gamecube games, you can use Dolphin , which is also a Wii emulator with which you can use your original Wii remotes via Bluetooth too. All of the USB adapters mentioned above are plug-and-play, requiring no drivers whatsoever. Connect the pad to the adapter, then the adapter to the computer. The best way to experience handheld games is on the original systems, all of which are readily available to buy second-hand.

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My advice would be to get:. If you want a bigger screen for your Game Boy Advance games, the SP series is fantastic, with plenty of options for the colour of the device. If you want to emulate, I believe that all of the Nintendo portable platforms are supported on the Mac with the exception of 3DS at the moment, as far as I know.

I can highly recommend the Trust port USB 2. If you enjoyed this post and want to feed my gaming habit or something else , I have an Amazon UK wishlist.

Play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64 - Emulator Online

TOLL Out now! Notes on emulation Emulation of videogames consoles is legally questionable at best. NES Prepare for a blast of nostalgia.